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London, baby!

This year I did something a little bit different for my mum’s birthday. I brought her to London! We flew from different airports in Sweden but arrived at Stansted at approximately the same time and from there we found our way pretty easilty to our hotel, Caring Hotel, in Bayswater. After checking in we took […]

Baptism of auntie’s little prince

Saturday morning I got on a train heading towards the west coast and around three in the afternoon I arrived in Hällevadsholm, the small metropole in which my grand father lives. Me and my cousin Sandra were both spending the night there and in order to celebrate this special occassion we had decided to cook […]

Paris, c’est la vie!

I just came back to Stockholm after having spent a lovely weekend in Paris with my dear friend Clémentine. I flew down friday morning and arrived at Palais des Congrès in the centre of Paris around mid-day. Walking towards the Arc de Triomphe I stopped at the first Boulangerie I found and bought some french […]

A lovely weekend in Göteborg

The other week it was time for THE budget meeting in Göteborg, something that proved to be quite a nerve thrilling experience. However, I am glad to say that I survived it, as did the business area manager of my region. It looked bad for a while when the figures just wouldn’t add up, but […]

Sara’s visit.

I was really looking forward to having Sara come stay with me saturday-sunday and her 26 hours in Stockholm turned out to be just as fun as I had expected! I picked her up at the bus stop at three in the afternoon and we went straight to a café in the galleria where we […]

Summer vacation – 2009

Swedish summers are known to be short, and this one was no exception! I left Stockholm on the 10th of july for a three week holiday on the west coast and now I am already on my way back to the east coast. It has been a great vacation in many ways, with a lot […]

Strömstadmilen 2009 – Girlpower

The weekend that passes was spent in Strömstad. I took the train home friday morning and worked during the journey. On arrival I joined my mum and her boyfriend for a boat ride and this years first swim in the ocean. A great welcoming to the west coast! The reason for this quick visit at […]

Reunion in Italy!

Buying the trip to Modena was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I didn’t think I would have the time, nor afford it. But, as I didn’t manage to get a job before the trip and with Ryan Air selling return tickets for 30 euros I lacked excuses not to go and therefore […]

En kärleksförklaring till Göteborg

Jag säger som Björn Gustafsson: “Göteborg är kärlek för mig”. Jag spenderade mindre än 24 timmar i stan när jag besökte Västkusten senast och mitt beteende under dessa stackars timmar kan närmast liknas vid ett barns beteende på julafton. Det fullkomligt glittrade i ögonen på mig när jag kikade runt på Åhlens som hastigast strax […]

Happy easter!

What was meant to be an easter skiing in the Norwegian mountains turned out to be a relaxed holiday at my dad’s house. No complaints from my side! I arrived on the west coast wednesday afternoon and had barely put my bag into my room before I put on my runners and went out for […]