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Weddings of 2010, part 2

The second wedding of this summer took place in Portugal, on a beautiful summer day in August. The thermometer showed 40 degrees Celcius and I was happy not to be a man, as having bare feet and wearing a dress was warm enough! The ceremony itself was held in the Sagrada Familia church in Entroncamento, […]

Weddings of 2010, part 1

This year I had two reunions planned with my old exchange students from my first semester as a student buddy at the University of Gothenburg. The first one was in Helsinki and the main event was the wedding ceremony for Anna and Mattias.

Reunion of 2009

My second semester as a student in Göteborg I signed up to be a Student Buddy, which meant that I was involved in the welcoming of international students who did their semester abroad at Handels in Göteborg. In hindsight I can easily say that it was one of my best decisions so far! During this […]