Graduation and first day at work.

My life as a university student is now, since the 9th of May, officially over. It has been four extremely eventful years during which I have made friends for life and gathered memories to last a life time as well as stories to tell my grand children when that day arrives.

I had not expected for the ceremony to feel all that special considering that it’s been a year since I left Handels, but I must say that I surprised myself by feeling quite excited. The day I longed for while sitting at KTB studying for exams was finally here! It’s been quite a journey and the graduation ceremony marked the end of an era for me.

Today, monday the 11th of May, a new era has begun. I am no longer a student but a full time employee, working as a controller for a health care company and I am super excited to see what the future has to bring.

Ps. Happy birthday Cissi! Ds.