21 km pure pleasure….

….or not!

I had spent weeks preparing for the Gothenburg half marathon and then suddenly the 16th of May was here and I didn’t feel ready at all. It wasn’t until I was at the starting area, saw all the people that had gathered and heard the pop music flowing out of the speakers that I started feeling excited about the challenge that I was to face during the coming two hours.

When it was time for me to start my run I was running with a strange feeling of contentment. I enjoyed every step, every minute of the way! This year I had learned my lesson from last year so I was wearing a watch to keep track of time and through this I soon realised that I was running way too fast in order to be able to keep up the speed throughout the 21km! But still, I enjoyed feeling so energetic! I managed to calm down a bit and had an average of 5.50min/km for the first 15km, but then I hit the famous wall! I was so happy to see that I reached 15km in 1.24 as that meant I had a chance of finishing in less than two hours, but I had to see myself conquered!

The last six kilometers were something of the worst I have experienced, the joy of running was completely gone! I ran on the streets surrounding my old University’s buildings cursing to myself but I didn’t give up! It was a completely exhausted Marica that saw the watch stop at 2.02.10 as she passed the finish line. 2.02 meant an improvement of 15 minutes from the year before, not many people manages that! Next year I hope to make it in less than 2 hours even if I can’t exactly expect the same kind of improvement. I love the race though, it’s good fun and I hope to be able to keep it up for a couple of years more. Maybe you should consider running it to? Apparently it is the worlds largest half marathon with approximately 60000 runners.

Over and out.