Happy easter!

What was meant to be an easter skiing in the Norwegian mountains turned out to be a relaxed holiday at my dad’s house. No complaints from my side!

I arrived on the west coast wednesday afternoon and had barely put my bag into my room before I put on my runners and went out for a run in my favorite running track. I hadn’t been out there for over a month but still managed to achieve a new all time high with the watch showing 34.58 when reaching the front door again after a very exhausting run. That’s an improvement of FIVE minutes compared to the first time I clocked myself! I’m impressed, are you?

The rest of the evening was spent playing cards with my mum and her boyfriend, just like in the old days!

On thursday I met up with my old friend Sara in Uddevalla. The aim of the day was to find a bride’s dress for her and I’d say that we managed pretty well. We were out of luck in Uddevalla where the shop was closed, but our luck was better in Trollhättan where we managed to find an open shop full of dresses. After trying out about 7 different models we were pretty united in our preferences and so she chose two of the dresses to show her mum on saturday. Sara looked like a princess in both of them so either way the decision falls I think she is going to look absolutely wonderful on her weddingday!

Friday I went with my dad to Gregeröd, the farm at which I grew up. I said a quick hello to my aunt and uncle before taking a walk down memory lane when going to my grand father’s place, passing by a curve named after me (Kulan’s curve). It is famous within the family for being a historically tricky curve for me to get through without falling, messing my clothes up. I’m proud to say that I did, this day, manage to get past this part of the road without falling. Arriving at my grand father’s house I spend about two hours cleaning. When my dad called him in the morning to advert him about my arrival he opposed the idea with an “but it is already clean!”, and to that I only have one thing to say: the definition of clean can be discussed! I will admit to the place looking ok at a first glanze, but the more I cleaned the more I saw that needed to be tended to.

In the evening I had sea food with my dad and his girlfriend on the balcony of their house and the view is absolutely stunning.

This day I started off with taking a walk and then I sat down enjoying the sun for an hour or two. At the moment I am awaiting the arrival of tonight’s dinner guests. Looking forward to a joyfull easter celebration in good company.

I wish you all a happy easter, may your day be as peaceful as mine!