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Sightseeing in Stockholm

Most people tend to forget taking the time to appreciate what is just around the corner from where they live. Even though I am aware of this flaw in most people’s character I am sad to say that 99,9% of the time I am no better myself. This is one of the reasons for which […]

Autumn has arrived.

I’ve felt a bit tired lately so when I seemed to be the only one planning on going to the office today I decided to do as the others: work from home. Finished a bit earlier than a normal friday and took the bus out to IKEA where I bought some candlesticks, flower pots and […]

Sara’s visit.

I was really looking forward to having Sara come stay with me saturday-sunday and her 26 hours in Stockholm turned out to be just as fun as I had expected! I picked her up at the bus stop at three in the afternoon and we went straight to a café in the galleria where we […]

Birthdays should come more often!

Historically I haven’t found my birthday too much of a thing to celebrate. But, the older I get the more I enjoy a special day just for me. And this year was no different. I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face, a smile that lasted all day! I took my […]

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!

I had a second interview thursday last week for a position as a controller at a healthcare company and sunday evening they called me up telling me I had got the job!! So exciting!! My introduction starts in a week or two and I can’t wait! I know it will be a huge challenge but […]

White canvas shoes – check!

There is no sign of spring more right at this point than a pair of white canvas shoes. They are on every girl’s feet, and from tomorrow on they will also be on mine! I have been searching for THE perfect pair for a couple of weeks now and had almost given up hope when […]

Happy easter!

What was meant to be an easter skiing in the Norwegian mountains turned out to be a relaxed holiday at my dad’s house. No complaints from my side! I arrived on the west coast wednesday afternoon and had barely put my bag into my room before I put on my runners and went out for […]