Sightseeing in Stockholm

Most people tend to forget taking the time to appreciate what is just around the corner from where they live. Even though I am aware of this flaw in most people’s character I am sad to say that 99,9% of the time I am no better myself. This is one of the reasons for which I really appreciated the weekend spent in Stockholm with my dear friend Cecilia a few weeks ago.

In stead of spending Saturday shopping in the Galleria or on Drottninggatan we took a nice and relaxed walk along the north bank of Mälaren, arriving at the entry to Stockholm’s old quarters where we entered a cosy little café at the beginning of the main street. It was far nicer than I had expected from a café lying in the most touristic area of all, and their caffe latte will definitely go to history as one of the most memorable ones! After this nice little stop we looked into some of the shops along the street and ended up buying one watch each before exiting the old quarter and moving via Kungsträdgården and the medieval fair that took place there this Saturday on to Östermalm where we had lunch at a random café. This particular day the café was also visited by local celebrity Carin Da Silva, famous from Let’s dance (AKA Dance with the stars). After our little lunch stop we headed back home to my place, had dinner, watched some tv, had some wine and then travelled across the city to Söder where the goal was Kvarnen, a pub/bar/nightclub. Before leaving Kvarnen about two hours later Cecilia had named their Chili nuts the world’s best tasting Chili nuts. So, folks, if you like spicy nuts, do not miss out on the ones served at Kvarnen…

Sunday morning we packed our picnic-basket and took the bus to Skansen, which is a park full of wild animals and old houses and other historic objects from the Swedish country side We spent the whole day looking at the animals and the scenery in general. As the hours passed the weather improved and when we sat down at a café after lunch it was a lovely spring day, as can be seen on the photo above! Sitting there by the house wall in the sun, sipping our coffees and eating sweets – could life get any better? Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit there for too long as we had a train to catch that was to take Cecilia back to Gothenburg.

Even though time passed too fast, as usual, I really enjoyed her visit and am looking forward to hosting her for the Royal wedding in June!

Autumn has arrived.

I’ve felt a bit tired lately so when I seemed to be the only one planning on going to the office today I decided to do as the others: work from home. Finished a bit earlier than a normal friday and took the bus out to IKEA where I bought some candlesticks, flower pots and other “homey”-stuff to make my apartment an even nicer place to spend the long, cold winter months a head. Must say I succeeded pretty well 🙂 I’m quite happy with the result.

Just kind of left the purchases in the hall before running out again to go get some candy to celebrate the weekend, on my way to the supermarket I decided it was a good day for a little bit of Lille nostalgia in the form of Mouton Cadet, however, the Systembolag in my area didn’t seem to agree with this plan: they didn’t have the wine in their range of french wines. So, I picked up another bottle in stead, got my candy and returned home to my little apartment. I unpacked my IKEA-stuff, lit all the candles in the room, heated up the left overs from the day before, poured myself a glass of wine and sat down in front of the tv for some good Idol-entertainment.

I guess the news of the day isn’t really my cozy apartment though but the fact that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t really know what to say about it. I think he has good intentions, I just hope that he can follow through on them as well. Having good intentions is not enough to make him worthy the prize, no matter how sympathetic he seems.

Love /M

Sara’s visit.

I was really looking forward to having Sara come stay with me saturday-sunday and her 26 hours in Stockholm turned out to be just as fun as I had expected!

I picked her up at the bus stop at three in the afternoon and we went straight to a café in the galleria where we sat down for almost an hour, chatting away over coffee and a sandwich. However, talking was something we could do after shops had closed so after an hour we got up from where we were sitting and started our shopping spree. 90 minutes later we had bought one pair of jeans each, an autumn jacket each and a scarf for me and a top for Sara. Happy about our purchases we took the bus home, dumped off the bags at my place and went out for dinner and drinks at Pink Dreams, the nearby restaurant.

After dinner we went back to my place, put on some good music, had some more wine and got ready for a night out, and what a night we had! It’s been quite a while since I came back home at six in the morning after a night out, but it has its charm! There’s something special about being on one’s way home as the sun rises….

After four hours of sleep we got up again to go down town and continue our shopping, it turned out to be yet another well spent day 🙂

Sara was here for 26 hours and we were awake during 22 of them, talk about making the most of what one has! 🙂 I really enjoyed having Sara here, just wish it wouldn’t have to happen so rarely. Although, I guess now the ball is back in my corner and it’s up to me when we see each other next… Will definitely try to make it down to visit her and her family before new year’s, shouldn’t be impossible..

Birthdays should come more often!

Historically I haven’t found my birthday too much of a thing to celebrate. But, the older I get the more I enjoy a special day just for me. And this year was no different. I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face, a smile that lasted all day! I took my morning walk as usual in the morning, had my usual breakfast, dressed up a little bit extra for work and left my apartment feeling like this would be a good day.

The whole day was full of greetings from all over, both from friends and family in Sweden and abroad. I also got a call from a flower shop that had flowers to deliver to me. 🙂 Haven’t received flowers like that for some years now and it was a great surprise!

After work I walked down to the southern parts of the city where I enjoyed a very tasty dinner at a restaurant called “À la crêpes” in the company of my cousin and a german friend of mine. When returning home to my apartment I found the flowers outside my door, accompanied by some lovely greeting cards.

All in all it was a great day and I am already looking forward to next years birthday as it will be my 25th and take place on midsummer’s eve. It will be magical! 🙂

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!

I had a second interview thursday last week for a position as a controller at a healthcare company and sunday evening they called me up telling me I had got the job!! So exciting!! My introduction starts in a week or two and I can’t wait! I know it will be a huge challenge but I am definitely ready for it!

I spent the weekend in Gothenburg. Caught a ride with my cousin down there after the interview and managed to see quite a few friends as well as part of the family during the few days I was there. Had a really good time and the weather was so nice!

Coming back to Stockholm I had a friend visiting who is currently staying in Madrid, hadn’t seen her since january so it was good having her here for a bit. When she had left I passed by some stores on my way home and got a sweater and a pair of shoes, kind of like a “congratulation to your new job”-present from me to me.

In the evening I watched a movie with a new Stockholm-acquaintance. The movie was french and called Ne le dis à personne (Don’t tell anyone), I realised when reading the cover that I had already read the book and that lowered my expectations quite a bit, and that was probably for the best because I wasn’t too impressed by the movie.

White canvas shoes – check!

There is no sign of spring more right at this point than a pair of white canvas shoes. They are on every girl’s feet, and from tomorrow on they will also be on mine! I have been searching for THE perfect pair for a couple of weeks now and had almost given up hope when finally they turned up! At H&M of all places! Happy, happy, happy!

Something that makes me less happy at the moment is the smell that has started to pour out of my shower cabin. I cleaned the filter last week, a yuckie assignment I might add, and for no good it seems! Should call my dad and check what I can do to end the smelliness!

Today has been a very efficient day. I woke up early, cleaned the apartment, rearranged the kitchen shelves, met up with a friend for lunch, visited the unemployment agency (totally useless..), took a walk into town to check out potential bride’s maid’s dresses, found myself a pair of shoes at H&M, returned home to have a snack, went for a run, had a shower, watched some tv and now here I am.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the most important events of the day: I got a call from a company at which I had an interview last week and they told me I was welcome back for a second round later this week! It is now down to me and one other applicant! It is the third time that I find myself in this situation, I wonder if the saying “third time’s the charm” applies to job searching as well!? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Happy easter!

What was meant to be an easter skiing in the Norwegian mountains turned out to be a relaxed holiday at my dad’s house. No complaints from my side!

I arrived on the west coast wednesday afternoon and had barely put my bag into my room before I put on my runners and went out for a run in my favorite running track. I hadn’t been out there for over a month but still managed to achieve a new all time high with the watch showing 34.58 when reaching the front door again after a very exhausting run. That’s an improvement of FIVE minutes compared to the first time I clocked myself! I’m impressed, are you?

The rest of the evening was spent playing cards with my mum and her boyfriend, just like in the old days!

On thursday I met up with my old friend Sara in Uddevalla. The aim of the day was to find a bride’s dress for her and I’d say that we managed pretty well. We were out of luck in Uddevalla where the shop was closed, but our luck was better in Trollhättan where we managed to find an open shop full of dresses. After trying out about 7 different models we were pretty united in our preferences and so she chose two of the dresses to show her mum on saturday. Sara looked like a princess in both of them so either way the decision falls I think she is going to look absolutely wonderful on her weddingday!

Friday I went with my dad to Gregeröd, the farm at which I grew up. I said a quick hello to my aunt and uncle before taking a walk down memory lane when going to my grand father’s place, passing by a curve named after me (Kulan’s curve). It is famous within the family for being a historically tricky curve for me to get through without falling, messing my clothes up. I’m proud to say that I did, this day, manage to get past this part of the road without falling. Arriving at my grand father’s house I spend about two hours cleaning. When my dad called him in the morning to advert him about my arrival he opposed the idea with an “but it is already clean!”, and to that I only have one thing to say: the definition of clean can be discussed! I will admit to the place looking ok at a first glanze, but the more I cleaned the more I saw that needed to be tended to.

In the evening I had sea food with my dad and his girlfriend on the balcony of their house and the view is absolutely stunning.

This day I started off with taking a walk and then I sat down enjoying the sun for an hour or two. At the moment I am awaiting the arrival of tonight’s dinner guests. Looking forward to a joyfull easter celebration in good company.

I wish you all a happy easter, may your day be as peaceful as mine!