Weddings of 2010, part 2

The second wedding of this summer took place in Portugal, on a beautiful summer day in August. The thermometer showed 40 degrees Celcius and I was happy not to be a man, as having bare feet and wearing a dress was warm enough!

The ceremony itself was held in the Sagrada Familia church in Entroncamento, about an hour drive north of Lisbon. It started off with a solist performing Fantasía, a song I first heard sung by Il Divo a few years ago and which made a beautiful opening number, followed by something even more beautiful : the entry of the bride herself. Ana is always beautiful but this day she looked truly amazing and I can imagine that Daniel felt pretty good about what was about to happen…!

The reception, held at the Quinta das Sentieiras in Abrantes, after the wedding was like taken from an american movie. On arrival we were all welcomed by servants carrying around different kinds of appetizers, table’s lined up with chef’s composing skewers of our choice and free bars serving Sangria among other things – all of this to the tunes performed by a live orchestra seated in the middle of everything.

A four course meal was followed by the wedding cake and champagne under the stars, in turn followed by the, by the groom, much dreaded bridal waltz. He needn’t have worried about this part of the evening though as he did very well. I don’t think he stepped on his wife and they both stayed on their feet the whole dance through. The party lasted until the early morning and I think everyone was happy with how the day turned out.

The day after the wedding my friends and I had breakfast in Tomar, followed by a short walk through the narrow streets of the old city before driving back to Lisbon in time to experience the much talked about Café Pastéis de Belém where we enjoyed some delicious pastry before taking a walk along the water side.

In the evening we had dinner at a very traditional Portuguese restaurant where we got to prepare our own meet, which was served to us raw on top of a very hot stone where it cooked itself under our watching eyes. It was a delicious meal, followed by the equally delicious chocholate cake of the house. I’m pretty sure none of us left the restaurant feeling hungry. We took a detour to a bar for a quick drink before heading home to one of the locals where we climbed the stairs up to the roof terrace and spent an hour or two talking about a little bit of everything while enjoying our view of Lisbon from above under a star filled sky and a temperature of 29 degrees. It’s crazy to think about it being hotter this night at almost 2 in the morning than on a GOOD summer day in Sweden… I would really like to return to Lisbon, there seemed to be so many more things to see and do there, not to mention the weather being great there.. 🙂

At five in the morning I took a cab to the airport along with a friend of mine, marking the end of yet another intense reunion/wedding weekend. I wonder who’ll be the next one to get married, and when this will happen. Looking forward to next years reunion either way, hoping to be reunited with our Canadian group member as well as she’s been very missed out during the last few get-togethers..

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