Sightseeing in Stockholm

Most people tend to forget taking the time to appreciate what is just around the corner from where they live. Even though I am aware of this flaw in most people’s character I am sad to say that 99,9% of the time I am no better myself. This is one of the reasons for which I really appreciated the weekend spent in Stockholm with my dear friend Cecilia a few weeks ago.

In stead of spending Saturday shopping in the Galleria or on Drottninggatan we took a nice and relaxed walk along the north bank of Mälaren, arriving at the entry to Stockholm’s old quarters where we entered a cosy little café at the beginning of the main street. It was far nicer than I had expected from a café lying in the most touristic area of all, and their caffe latte will definitely go to history as one of the most memorable ones! After this nice little stop we looked into some of the shops along the street and ended up buying one watch each before exiting the old quarter and moving via Kungsträdgården and the medieval fair that took place there this Saturday on to Östermalm where we had lunch at a random café. This particular day the café was also visited by local celebrity Carin Da Silva, famous from Let’s dance (AKA Dance with the stars). After our little lunch stop we headed back home to my place, had dinner, watched some tv, had some wine and then travelled across the city to Söder where the goal was Kvarnen, a pub/bar/nightclub. Before leaving Kvarnen about two hours later Cecilia had named their Chili nuts the world’s best tasting Chili nuts. So, folks, if you like spicy nuts, do not miss out on the ones served at Kvarnen…

Sunday morning we packed our picnic-basket and took the bus to Skansen, which is a park full of wild animals and old houses and other historic objects from the Swedish country side We spent the whole day looking at the animals and the scenery in general. As the hours passed the weather improved and when we sat down at a café after lunch it was a lovely spring day, as can be seen on the photo above! Sitting there by the house wall in the sun, sipping our coffees and eating sweets – could life get any better? Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit there for too long as we had a train to catch that was to take Cecilia back to Gothenburg.

Even though time passed too fast, as usual, I really enjoyed her visit and am looking forward to hosting her for the Royal wedding in June!

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