Paris, c’est la vie!

I just came back to Stockholm after having spent a lovely weekend in Paris with my dear friend Clémentine. I flew down friday morning and arrived at Palais des Congrès in the centre of Paris around mid-day. Walking towards the Arc de Triomphe I stopped at the first Boulangerie I found and bought some french delicacies such as a butter croissant and a pain au chocolat – sweeeeet!

Clémentine met up with me at the arch and then we went to her place to drop my things off. It fascinates me every time I go abroad how different the living standard is at different places around the world, especially compared to what I am used to in Sweden. On the other hand, I would think that a big explanation to why we have the standard that we do is due to our climate. We need to have well insulated houses as it gets REALLY cold here during the winter, but that doesn’t really apply to for example the south of Europe… Anyways, visiting Clémentine in her 9 square metre appartment, my 25 square metres in Stockholm suddenly seemed very spacious. However, there is a saying in sweden that is suitable for Clémentine’s appartment – “where there is place for a heart, there’s place for a bum”.

The weekend was very intense and included, amongst other things, the obligatory walk around Mont Martre accompanied by Clém and Sébastien (both former exchange students from Gothenburg), apéro with Carl (a co-student from my time at Azurlingua in Nice) in the Bastille area, traditional french dinner with Cléms friends at the restaurant Les Sans Culottes, walks in the city centre, shopping at Les Halles, numerous visits to the Disney Store at Champs Elysées, crêpes at the Eiffeltour, sunday brunch at Mont Martre with Clém and Séb and more pain au chocolate than I wish to admit.

I really did get a lot done in the about 60 hours spent away from home and I must say that weekends like this one are really good for recharging ones batteries. There’s something special about Paris, each area of the city has its charme, even though I do of course have my favories such as Mont Martre and the area around St Germaine. Visiting Paris is always a little bit bitter sweet though, I feel so at home there and most of the time it feels like such a waste leaving the city instead of just moving there for a few years. Dreams, sweet dreams.. 🙂

Published by Marica Hansson

Marica was born in 1985. She measures 180cm from head to foot. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and green depending on her temper and her hair is the colour of auburn. She prefers hot chocolate over coffee, Fanta over Pepsi and ice cream over most other sweet things. Her favourite candy, however, is chocolate, in any kind, followed closely by salty liquorice. Her favourite day of the week is Friday and she loves chicken. Ice cream gives her the hick-ups and Fisherman’s friend’s make her sneeze.

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