Baptism of auntie’s little prince

Saturday morning I got on a train heading towards the west coast and around three in the afternoon I arrived in Hällevadsholm, the small metropole in which my grand father lives. Me and my cousin Sandra were both spending the night there and in order to celebrate this special occassion we had decided to cook for our grand father and his “girlfriend”, curious as we were to who this mysterious woman was that had turned our grand father into something that very much ressembled a teenager in love. When our grand father talked about this woman he went on and on about what a down to earth and hard working woman she is and how her time spent working on the farm has left traces. However, none of this was visible to me or Sandra, instead we met a very healthy and youthful 76 year-old whom, and this was obvious to both me and Sandra, had our grand father spellbound. It was so nice to see him glow when he looked at her!

The next day it was time for my nephew’s baptism, something that took place in Uddevalla and was attended by the closest relatives, which means about 20 people were there… The ceremony was pretty short and William behaved well through the whole thing. All the screaming came afterwards as you can see on the photo, although to be honest, this was one of few times that he cried this sunday in the beginning of december.

Published by Marica Hansson

Marica was born in 1985. She measures 180cm from head to foot. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and green depending on her temper and her hair is the colour of auburn. She prefers hot chocolate over coffee, Fanta over Pepsi and ice cream over most other sweet things. Her favourite candy, however, is chocolate, in any kind, followed closely by salty liquorice. Her favourite day of the week is Friday and she loves chicken. Ice cream gives her the hick-ups and Fisherman’s friend’s make her sneeze.

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