A lovely weekend in Göteborg

The other week it was time for THE budget meeting in Göteborg, something that proved to be quite a nerve thrilling experience. However, I am glad to say that I survived it, as did the business area manager of my region. It looked bad for a while when the figures just wouldn’t add up, but in the end it all fell into place.

The reward of the the day was a very successful night out with my darlings. We started out with some free food and cheap drinks at Berså, working up the right mood before heading over to Palace where the main event of the night was to take place: a nostalgic return to the 90ies in the form of a Rock show with Arvingarna. Both me and Charlotte had spent most of our youths being in love with one or another of the band members so the expectations were high. However, to our great disappointment it turned out that we were 24 hours too late for!!! Arvingarna had been there the day before!! Imagine our disappointment! So, after having been very happy about getting in at all to a place referred to as Jurassic Park we found ourselves leaving it again after five minutes giggling like school girls about our own lack of luck.

We didn’t let this little obstacle keep us from making the most of our evening though so in stead of rocking the night away with Arvingarna we headed over to Excet for some strawberry dacquiris and innocent flirting with the door man. Having started at six we were good to go home at two again, happy about the evening which ended well despite the unfortunate mistake at Palace.

Saturday morning I picked up some bananas, nutella and strawberries and took a tram to Charlotte and Linus’ place where a lovely brunch was served. Yummiiiiieeeee! Felt like I was rolling out of their apartment a few hours later. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and after having sent an impulsuve text message I found myself going for a walk around Delsjön with an old acquaintance. Delsjön is paradise on earthm a beautiful place! The company was, as I said, an old acquaintance whom I hadn’t seen for quite a while and decided not to see for quite a while again, the 3 hours walking were well spent though. 🙂

I finished off the weekend in Göteborg the only way a weekend in Göteborg can be finished if wanting to be ranked as a success: I had brunch at Soho, probably the best brunch in town! Caught up with Miriam, an old co-worker from my days as an IKEA employee. It’s always nice to see her! I might not have stayed long at IKEA, but I have a feeling me and Miriam will last a lot longer 🙂

that’s it for now folks 🙂

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