Summer vacation – 2009

Swedish summers are known to be short, and this one was no exception! I left Stockholm on the 10th of july for a three week holiday on the west coast and now I am already on my way back to the east coast.

It has been a great vacation in many ways, with a lot of nice experiences. The first weekend I went out partying with my cousin in Kungshamn on the day of arrival and we had a blast. On the second day there was a nice family reunuion at my dad’s house with all the siblings and boyfriends and girlfriends, all in all we were 11 of us enjoying a very tasty sea food dinner on the balcony. I ended up going out with my sister and one of my brothers and got home pretty late. On the sunday there was an outdoor concert at Sea Lodge which was VERY enjoyable! Great music and great atmosphere, I could tell it would be a great summer!

The second weekend meant: bachelorette party! I was a bit nervous before hand as I thought the day might be too relaxed. The bride to be has been pretty nervous about the bachelorette party and so I thought maybe she would be disappointed about none of the “embarrassing” stuff that she had pictured coming true. However, after a rocky start with locked doors ruining our kidnapping plans, getting lost on our way to the first stop and being forgotten by the silver smiths the day turned out quite the success where the bride to be got to be a model for a day, design her own silver jewelery and dance the night away at an australian bar before returning home to her worried husband to be after 22 hours on the road.

The third weekend was the weekend of the wedding, which also turned out quite the success! The bride and groom had a great time, as had I and the grooms younger brother. The memories from that weekend are repeatedly bringing a smile to my face and will keep doing so for some time yet I think. An unforgettable event! It was my fourth wedding in three years and they have all been extremely funny parties, can’t wait for the next one!!

The fourth and last weekend of this year’s summer holiday was spent at my dad’s house where I was accompanied by three friends of mine: Sara, Johanna and Charlotte. The four of us rocked! We went out partying until four in the morning both friday and saturday. The first night out we found ourselves dancing pretty much next to the Swedish Prince, the second night he was not to be seen but the place was packed anyways so it was probably for the best that he was not there.

At the moment I am on the train heading back to the capital and back to my apartment. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again after three weeks on the road.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this summer unforgetable!

Published by Marica Hansson

Marica was born in 1985. She measures 180cm from head to foot. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and green depending on her temper and her hair is the colour of auburn. She prefers hot chocolate over coffee, Fanta over Pepsi and ice cream over most other sweet things. Her favourite candy, however, is chocolate, in any kind, followed closely by salty liquorice. Her favourite day of the week is Friday and she loves chicken. Ice cream gives her the hick-ups and Fisherman’s friend’s make her sneeze.

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