I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!

I had a second interview thursday last week for a position as a controller at a healthcare company and sunday evening they called me up telling me I had got the job!! So exciting!! My introduction starts in a week or two and I can’t wait! I know it will be a huge challenge but I am definitely ready for it!

I spent the weekend in Gothenburg. Caught a ride with my cousin down there after the interview and managed to see quite a few friends as well as part of the family during the few days I was there. Had a really good time and the weather was so nice!

Coming back to Stockholm I had a friend visiting who is currently staying in Madrid, hadn’t seen her since january so it was good having her here for a bit. When she had left I passed by some stores on my way home and got a sweater and a pair of shoes, kind of like a “congratulation to your new job”-present from me to me.

In the evening I watched a movie with a new Stockholm-acquaintance. The movie was french and called Ne le dis √† personne (Don’t tell anyone), I realised when reading the cover that I had already read the book and that lowered my expectations quite a bit, and that was probably for the best because I wasn’t too impressed by the movie.

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