White canvas shoes – check!

There is no sign of spring more right at this point than a pair of white canvas shoes. They are on every girl’s feet, and from tomorrow on they will also be on mine! I have been searching for THE perfect pair for a couple of weeks now and had almost given up hope when finally they turned up! At H&M of all places! Happy, happy, happy!

Something that makes me less happy at the moment is the smell that has started to pour out of my shower cabin. I cleaned the filter last week, a yuckie assignment I might add, and for no good it seems! Should call my dad and check what I can do to end the smelliness!

Today has been a very efficient day. I woke up early, cleaned the apartment, rearranged the kitchen shelves, met up with a friend for lunch, visited the unemployment agency (totally useless..), took a walk into town to check out potential bride’s maid’s dresses, found myself a pair of shoes at H&M, returned home to have a snack, went for a run, had a shower, watched some tv and now here I am.

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the most important events of the day: I got a call from a company at which I had an interview last week and they told me I was welcome back for a second round later this week! It is now down to me and one other applicant! It is the third time that I find myself in this situation, I wonder if the saying “third time’s the charm” applies to job searching as well!? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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