Reunion in Italy!

Buying the trip to Modena was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I didn’t think I would have the time, nor afford it. But, as I didn’t manage to get a job before the trip and with Ryan Air selling return tickets for 30 euros I lacked excuses not to go and therefore found myself getting up at 4 in the morning on thursday the 16th of april to catch a flight to the airport in Bergamo, Italy.

Me and my friend Karolin arrived in Bergamo around eleven thirty and were picked up by Karolin’s friend Riccardo who showed us around Bergamo for an hour or so before driving us to his place in Pavia where we had lunch before continuing the drive to Modena where the Erasmus reunion would take place.

We met up with our Italian friends just after Luca’s graduation ceremony and joined him and his friends to an irish pub where we had some beers and pizza while waiting for René to arrive from Germany and Wojtek to arrive from Poland. Once they did me and Karolin went home with our host for the weekend to get changed before this evenings night out.

Announcing we were “swedece” we got in for free at the pub and the fun could start. However, I got way too tired after some hours of dancing and my feet hurt sooo bad so I didn’t enjoy the evening quite as much as the others but still, it was good seeing the Erasmus friends again! We stuck it out until the place closed at four and then finally got some sleep after having been awake for more or less 24 hours, no wonder I was tired!

Friday we kind of slept in and then rushed into the city to attend the graduation ceremony of a friend of our friends. It was all in Italian so we didn’t exactly get much. After a little “aperitivo” me, Karolin, René and Wojtek went to the main square and enjoyed a glass of sparkling in the sun – vacation is great! The guys left us after an hour or so and then we went ice cream hunting. Found this gelateria where they served ice cream in a brioche bread, something I just had to try! Was yummie!

In the evening we went to Luca’s place where we were served an italian dinner. Also very delicious. Some kind of bread eaten with cheese and ham, I had a lot of them before it was time for us to go to the club of the night: Jamusic, where there was a kind of open bar. Note to self: if deciding that the bartender is the most intriguing person in the room, make sure to keep an eye on balance control! It is to be considered a warning sign when the bartender remembers what kind of drink one wants and has it ready for you when reaching the bar… Need I say I had a lot more fun this evening than the evening before?!

Saturday morning we got up early and Alessandro, my host, dropped me off at the train station where I caught a train to Milan. Spent an hour circling the central station before looking at at a map and starting my stroll towards the city centre. Had some nice breaks in different parks before reaching the Palace and the Cathedral, which I found a lot more fascinating on the outside than on the inside.

Finished my Milan visit with a panini at a random bar together with friends of Karolin before rushing off to catch the airport bus. Got back to my apartment around 2 in the morning after some crazy hectic days.

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