44 hours in Krakow / Living on the edge

As my friend Charlotte and I continue to work our way throug the Ryan Air destinations from Göteborg the turn had now come to Krakow, Poland. We flew out Thursday afternoon and started off by almost missing our flight. Being the frequent flyers that we are we thought we had all the time in the […]

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Köszönöm, Budapest!

I once heard that to really get the most out of life you need to do something every day to challenge yourself. For me, travelling toBudapestmeant getting out of my comfort zone. I have travelled quite a lot in my days, but all my traveling has taken place in countries where I, at least to […]

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Marseille, April 2012

I love France. And this love was instantly strengthen when I, after leaving a cold and rainy Gothenburg, stepped out of an airplane at the airport in Marseille on a late Thursday evening in April and felt the warm breeze against my face. Right then and there I knew that this weekend in the south […]

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After having written a few travel entries I have come to realise that expressing the events of a fully packed weekend abroad is about as easy as fitting my weekend shopping into a Ryanair approved hand luggage. However, I will give it a shot and try not to be too detailed about my latest Ryanair […]

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Weddings of 2010, part 2

The second wedding of this summer took place in Portugal, on a beautiful summer day in August. The thermometer showed 40 degrees Celcius and I was happy not to be a man, as having bare feet and wearing a dress was warm enough! The ceremony itself was held in the Sagrada Familia church in Entroncamento, […]

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Weddings of 2010, part 1

This year I had two reunions planned with my old exchange students from my first semester as a student buddy at the University of Gothenburg. The first one was in Helsinki and the main event was the wedding ceremony for Anna and Mattias.

Girl’s weekend in Dublin

In October 2009, my friend Anna and I decided to go to Dublin for a city break in the spring of 2010. The weekend that we chose seemed so far off at the time, but now it has already come and passed. We flew to Dublin late Thursday afternoon and got on a bus from […]

Sightseeing in Stockholm

Most people tend to forget taking the time to appreciate what is just around the corner from where they live. Even though I am aware of this flaw in most people’s character I am sad to say that 99,9% of the time I am no better myself. This is one of the reasons for which […]

Entering a time bubble..

The 19th of February was not just another Friday in the life of this travelling Swede, on the contrary there was something very special about this day. Not only due to it being the day I was to fly to Frankfurt with a ticket that I paid 7 euros for, but rather due to it […]

London, baby!

This year I did something a little bit different for my mum’s birthday. I brought her to London! We flew from different airports in Sweden but arrived at Stansted at approximately the same time and from there we found our way pretty easilty to our hotel, Caring Hotel, in Bayswater. After checking in we took […]